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Should Elon take the country of Lebanon private and try and fix it’s years of problems?
Vote below if you think Elon should be sole ruler of Lebanon.

  1. Fun Fact: Elon may rename our country to LebElon
  2. Fun Fact: Knows a few things about solar energy.
  3. Fun Fact: May disband Lebanese Lira and move to DogeCoin or another Cryptocurrency
  1. Fun Fact: Lebanon is on the Mediteranean with a mixture of Phoencian, European, and Arab Ancestry
  2. Fun Fact: Now providing world’s cheapest electricty per kwh. Also only providing 2 hours per day.
  3. Fun Fact: Already created multiple currencies in a matter of months. Lollar, Bira and Fresh Dollar
This survery was made during my lunch break!